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Any company that engages in direct marketing must have a system to track sales activity. As cloud-based CRM systems go, Salesforce has been the clear leader in the SaaS category over recent years. But if you’re a smaller business the cost per user can be prohibitive.

With the understanding that call activity should fully integrate with your CRM System, HubSpot offers a powerful (and free) CRM solution that includes VoIP calling, call tracking and call recording.


Assuming you already have a HubSpot CRM account, associating your phone with the CRM system is pretty straightforward.

Placing a call through your browser

Within the CRM, you are able to place a call through your browser or through a hard-phone, like a desk phone or cell phone.

Call through your phone

To place a call through your phone, in the CRM open a contact record of the person you’d like to call. Next, select the Call Tab. From here, select Call contact from my phone.

Next, you will receive a phone call from HubSpot CRM, which will then connect you with your contact. The recipient’s caller ID will display whichever phone number you have registered for Calling.

Call recording and notes

Once you are connected to the client, you will have the option to record the call and take notes. For call recording, the system will enable call recording automatically for one-party consent states. For all other areas, you’ll need to get consent from the party you are calling in order to enable recording.


When the call ends, you will be able to add any additional notes, and then save the call on the client’s Contact Record by selecting Save call notes.

calling-call notes

Using calling in Gmail

In addition to placing calls from within the CRM, it is also possible to place calls from the HubSpot Sales Contact Profiles in Gmail.

To place a call from Gmail, select the email address of recipient you would like to call. This will pop open Contact Profiles.


Once you’re set up, making calls are easy and depending on your internet connection, the quality is indistinguishable from calls made outside of the CRM system.

I’m predicting that in the future to make things even more efficient, transcribing will be included. We’ll have to wait and see how HubSpot chooses to update the product further to see how it evolves.

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