Add A Logo To Your Mobile Email Signature In Gmail

Brand That Message!

Have you ever wanted to include your logo in your mobile email signature?

Although you would expect that going to the signature settings in your email app should allow you to add both text and images, guess again? The mobile app only permits text to be pasted into your signature.

Maybe we all missed something because I could swear that when I go to my mail client for Windows/Mac or web browser, I can add my logo or, any other image to my signature block by selecting the image icon in the text editor.




If there’s a reason why this isn’t available inside of my mobile app, I can’t figure it out.

The best workaround to this was to simply use the handy (and sometimes ubiquitous) Clipboard Manager that’s built into the Samsung Galaxy S7 (Nougat 7.x).

The Android Clipboard Manager Quandary

Android’s clipboard is accessible from Gmail (sometimes) and NOT Google Inbox. Go figure!

Furthermore, you CAN access the clipboard in Outlook for Android. The problem is, you can’t paste images from the clipboard into a message (only text). Again – Go figure!


Here’s a post on the subject in Inbox by Gmail Help Forum from last year.

Sadly, no clear answer was offered by the Expert in the reply to the question asked. The Expert did, however, offer a question that suggested that the issues could be unique to Samsung devices. Or, it could have been a deflection away from Google’s lack of commitment to universal Clipboard Manager user experience. Or, maybe he just didn’t know the answer to the question.

Either way, it’s not certain whether this is issue exists with the iPhone but from a user perspective, it seems like a Clipboard Manager that can cut and paste both text and images should be baked into all Android phones. Thoughts?

Note: Device specs used used in this article include: Samsung GS7, Nougat 7.0, Nova Launcher

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